Which Car Rack is Best for My Bike?

A guide to find the best bike rack for your bicycle or eBike.

Whether you’re traveling to the coast or cruising down the your local IBD (bike store), we have a bike rack to help get you and your bike where you want to go.
Before you can hit the road, there are a few things to consider. Chances are you’ve spent hours of research selecting your vehicle and bike of choice. Both play a factor in finding the best bike rack for your needs.

First Things First

Before we dive too deep, first think about the bike you want to transport. Then answer these three questions, which will help guide your selection of bike rack:
  1. How much does the bicycle weigh?
  2. How many bikes do you want to carry at one time?
  3. Towball or roof mounted?

Weigh Your Options

Almost all bicycle carriers list the maximum bike weight in their specs, and for good reason: to protect you, your car, your bike and everyone traveling around you. 
We offer two variations of platform bike racks that carry up to either 30kg (such as the Cruising 2-Bike Rack), or 60kg (such as the Pure Instinct 4-Bike Rack).
Not sure how much your bike weighs? 
Here’s a pro tip: most hybrids, commuter bikes, road bikes, and kid’s bikes fall under the 35-pound mark; while downhill bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes and eBikes (minus battery) tend to be in the under 60-pound range. Check with your local dealer or the manufacturer of your bike for more details.

Let's Find Your Match

Now that you’ve figured out your options by bike weight and number of bikes you want to carry at one time, let’s find the best car rack for your bike.

Road & Triathlon Bikes

Stylish is as stylish does. Roadies and triathletes have a reputation of being particular about which components go on their prized rig, and you better look good doing it.
Carbon has become the frame material of choice among the racing sect, and for good reason. It’s lighter, absorbs vibrations better and basically makes you feel like you’re riding a really fast cloud.
For these carbon set-ups, there’s no better choice than the Pure Instinct range of platform racks. These racks feature a padded gripper to ensure no-scratch contact on your frame. Plus, the wheel tray has a special groove designed to specifically cradle a skinny tire. This configuration just so happens to be the most secure way to haul a bicycle, thereby ensuring your little slice of heaven is in safe hands.
This range of platform racks also offers integrated locks that secure bike to rack and rack to car to help deter anyone eyeing up your ride.
Pure Instinct Range available in 2, 3 and 4-bike configuration.

Mountain Bikes

Take your MTB steed to the depths of Jonkershoek, or arrive ready to shred up Cascades single track.
With varying geometries, frame builds and weights, the best bicycle carrier for mountain bikes depends on your specific rig. Most mountain bikes come in around the 15kg mark, although heftier downhill rigs and fat tire bikes often find themselves on the trails, and likely in your garage.
With this in mind, we recommend a platform style bike rack (such as the Zephyr or Pure Instinct range) for your mountain bike instead of a hanger towball rack.


eBikes have added a level of ease to outdoor riding but they are a heavy load to haul. Whether they’re tagging along on the next getaway or in need of a tune-up, eBikes need a way to get around. 
When it comes to hauling these electric-equipped bikes there is one option that rules them all: the Zephyr platform rack. If you’re searching for the ultimate bike rack for eBikes, look no further. Featuring a wider 25cm distance between rails, the Zephyr range has been designed with eBikes in mind!

Kid's Bikes

There’s a ubiquitous rule that comes with parenthood: where there are children, there is stuff. We’re talking extra layers, books, snacks – none of which includes bike-specific gear. And while your kid’s bike may be small enough to fit inside your car, chances are that space is already claimed.
For little to big kid bikes, the Zephyr and Pure Instinct wheel trays can be adjusted to perfectly fit & carry varying kids bike sizes.

Still need help to find the right bike rack for you and your bike(s)?

We're here to help. Drop us a line and our team will help you get geared up for where you want to go.